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Use Your AAA Membership to Save Big on these Spring Trends

Keeping up with the trends can be tricky and costly, as it almost always involves research and investment to keep up with evolving new offerings in fashion, technology, and travel.

At AAA, we understand wanting to stay relevant, but we don’t want you to break the bank. Fortunately, you don’t have to with our extensive discounts and rewards.

We’ve compiled this list of the top 2023 spring trends to keep you current. We’ve also included ways to save through our partnerships with leading brands to make this spring’s updates easy.


Spring is a time for renewal, and that includes your wardrobe! Trending themes this year point to everything from chunky knits for weather that is still warming up to delicate floral patterns paired with oversized blazers. There are, however, a few other head-turn-worthy trends to take note of this spring.

Fresh White Sneakers

There’s nothing like a fresh white sneaker to hit the hiking trails or the springtime egg hunts. Timelessly stylish and on-trend, a mint pair of kicks is the perfect wardrobe stable to take your outfit from casual to chic.

Reebok is best known for its Club Cs, an 80s classic whose silhouette influenced a whole sneaker movement. Your AAA Membership gets you 15% off at any Reebok Outlet Store for a new pair of sneakers and the athletic gear to complete the look.

Oversized Glasses

Have oversized glasses ever gone out of style? We say no, but if you recently owned a respectable-sized pair of spectacles, upgrade to oversized square frames, trick geometric frames, or perfectly round ones.

Enjoy up to 50% off when you shop at LensCrafters in-store or online with your AAA membership.


This season, technology trends have us embracing work on the go and turning our technology into customizable art pieces. With AAA benefits, these tech trends won’t break the bank.

On The Go Offices

The last few years have seen us leaving our offices and embracing work and travel practices. As a result, tablets are quickly becoming the slimmed-down accessory for optimal travel and work-life balance. They aren’t as bulky as laptops and often boast a longer battery life making them the perfect versatile traveling companion.

This spring, lean into the digital nomad lifestyle with tablets and laptops from HP and Dell. Get additional savings, support, and shipping discounts when you order your tech from these brands.

Television or Art?

Combining interior design with cutting-edge technology, televisions that double as design elements will be the must-have upgrade this spring. Frame TVs are much more than just televisions; they double as artwork, seamlessly blending into your home décor.

From bezel-less OLED displays to more colorful frames, choosing one is a fun and stylish way to modernize your home decor. With Samsung’s The Frame, you’ll experience a QLED TV that transforms, with the help of Art Mode, into a customizable piece of art.

AAA members can take advantage of up to 30% off, plus exclusive AAA discounts on the Samsung products.


Traveling warriors hit the road in the spring as people take advantage of favorable weather conditions and extended daylight hours. In addition, travel this spring will see families seeking out more local trips, with itineraries taking them through nearby states.

Additionally, many people are planning out their entire schedules ahead of time to maximize their limited travel resources. By strategically researching and reserving tours and attractions online before they go, travelers can ensure they're making the most of their trip without breaking the bank.

These are the travel trends that will level up your springtime adventures!


If your vacation days are limited, but it’s time for a break, a staycation may be exactly what you need. Spring is here, and many people look for ways to relax after a long winter. One of the biggest spring trends this year is staycations - taking time away from work and spending quality time at home or exploring your city.

Staycations are a great way to spend more time with family, try new activities, discover hidden gems in your city, save money, and stress less over planning an entire vacation. Take advantage of AAA Preferred Hotel benefits and book a stay at select properties to save 10% off your stay.

Roadtrip Snacks On Demand

Get your road trip essentials delivered quickly with Gopuff! Their digital delivery service means that you don’t need to pack up the whole family to go the multiple stores to prepare for your adventure but can do so from the comfort of your sofa instead.

Their service operates in 1,000+ cities across the US, and their hundreds of micro fulfillment centers make sure you get what you need when it counts, from snacks to hot food from their Fresh Food Hall. So whether it's a busy day on the go or if something was forgotten while traveling to an unfamiliar city - ordering from GoPuff has you covered.

Go Electric

Electric driving has beneficial environmental and financial impacts and has become one of the season's most popular spring trends for rental cars. Whether taking a bucket list trip through the National Parks or a weekend getaway to a coastal destination, it is the perfect opportunity to try out the electric car experience.

Electric cars provide a smooth, quiet ride on long drives, allowing you to appreciate the countryside and landmarks better as you explore. AAA partners like Hertz offer a variety of electric vehicles, including the Tesla Model 3, at select airports around the country.

Your AAA membership will get you 20% off the base rate of all Hertz rentals and a 10% discount on international rentals.

Gas Savings

This trend is hot enough to stay year-round! Recent gas prices may have us all clutching our wallets a bit tighter and forgoing travel altogether.

So when spring calls for those weekend road trips, you’ll be glad that your AAA membership gets you automatic Gold Status for Shell Fuel Rewards. This will allow you to fill up your first tank (enough to get you to the next state!) when you join the program for just $0.30 per gallon and then $0.05 off for all your fill-ups along the way.

If you’re looking for discounted spring trends, look no further than AAA. Find a complete listing of partners on our website and start saving today.