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AAA is known for offering discounts to travelers such as hotel deals, but these are not the only discounts we offer. Students, parents and anybody who uses a computer can also benefit from some of the shopping deals AAA members enjoy. Included in these deals are discounts on select Dell computers and electronics. Dell is known for top-quality laptops and tablets, but they also offer TVs, PCs, printers and carrying gear. With a name that is synonymous with quality and security, Dell is the top choice for AAA members in the market for a computer. Get the best deals on these products when you take advantage of AAA's partnership with Dell.

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Discount Dell Computers with AAA

You can start your Dell purchase with a AAA discount by browsing the online shop exclusive to AAA members. Whether you're a student, professional or parent, a durable laptop can revolutionize your life. Dell can't be beat when it comes to quality electronics, and AAA is the best way to get a deal on your purchase.

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Score Substantial Savings

AAA members enjoy a substantial shopping discount when purchasing Dell electronics. Certain configurations are eligible for up to 30 percent in discounts, and laptop models such as the XPS 15 can be paired with an extra 10 percent savings from an exclusive coupon. These savings add up quickly when you are shopping for quality electronics. A Dell computer is a major investment, and with the savings you can enjoy from AAA, it can be an affordable one, too. All promotions are subject to change without notice, so stay up-to-date with available deals by investing in a AAA membership.

Experience the Quality of Dell

Everybody has been in the unfortunate situation of making a major investment and later realizing it simply is not the quality you'd hoped. This is particularly troublesome when the item in question is an electronics product such as a PC computer or laptop. It is essential that you do your research, understand your options, and invest in a computer that will meet your needs. Dell offers top-quality computers with a range of benefits that should appeal to AAA members:

  • Dedicated customer service for orders and technical issues
  • Affordable prices made even lower by AAA discount¬†
  • Laptops' specifications can be customized to meet your needs
  • High-quality hardware and software ensures durability

Terms & Conditions

Coupon is good with select other offers, but not with other coupons. Coupon is valid on select order codes. Offer does not apply to, and is not available with, systems or items purchased through refurbished items or spare parts. Purchase limit of 1 items per order. Not valid for resellers and/or online auctions. Dell reserves the right to cancel orders arising from pricing or other errors.