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Spring break is the perfect time of year to plan a fantastic trip. Kick the winter blues to the curb, explore a tropical destination, or embrace your love for powder and head to the ski hills. While taking a trip during spring break can be the perfect way to break up the winter, it can also be costly. When your budget is tight, this can make it seem impossible to plan an epic spring break getaway. The good news is that with the right strategy, you can snag spring break discounts that make your next trip affordable.

Whether you are planning an epic spring break trip with your friends or creating a spring break vacation for the whole family, we’re here to help you have fun while saving big. Check out these spring break discounts that will give you more room in your budget for trip extras.

Checklist for Spring Break Discounts

Spring break savings is all about planning smarter and taking advantage of all the benefits your AAA membership offers. Use the following checklist to kick-start your spring break plans:

  • Be flexible: Travel and accommodations are the most expensive part of a spring break trip. To help you cut costs, be flexible with where you plan to go. Consider destinations that aren’t as popular or crowded. You’ll often find better deals on hotels and flights when you venture outside the norm.
  • Save on events and attractions: Before booking tickets to an event or attraction, check for AAA ticket discounts. By saving up to 30% on tickets, you can reduce your spending on entertainment.
  • Save on your stay: Book your hotel through AAA Preferred Hotels to save on your spring break accommodations.
  • Fly on non-peak days: If you are flying to your spring break destination, avoid traveling on Saturdays, which are the most expensive. Be sure to book flights well in advance for the best deals. Additionally, AAA offers discounts at The Parking Spot to help you save on your airport parking.
  • Drive smarter: For road trips, book your car rental through a AAA partner, such as HertzDollar, or Thrifty, to save on reservation costs. You can also save money on fuel by using your AAA Shell Fuel Rewards.
  • Shop for gear: As you get ready for your big trip, don’t forget to pack a new pair of sunglasses. Save on both prescription and non-prescription eyewear at LensCrafters.
  • Switch cellphone providers: You might also want to consider changing your phone provider to T-Mobile, snagging an exclusive AAA discount just for making the switch to keep you connected on the road.
  • Cut unnecessary spending: Leading up to your trip, look for ways to cut spending so you have more money to spend on spring break.
  • Pack your own food: Consider packing your snacks for long road trips and hours spent at the airport. You can purchase snacks cheaper from your local grocery store than from airport concession stands and gas stations.

Your AAA card is packed with discounts. Remember to bring it with you to save at home and while you travel. Download the AAA Mobile App to find discounts no matter where your Spring Break plans take you.