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AAA Discounts
  • 8% Off Car Rentals
  • 10% Off GPS Navigation Systems
  • Free Additional Driver
  • Free Child Safety Seat
  • And More!

AAA Membership Car Rental Discounts

Don’t let the cost of a rental car slow down your travels or business trip. Instead, book your rental car in advance and take advantage of your AAA membership for the best car rental deals in the industry with Thrifty cars. Rack up the savings today.

Booking Benefits

Since Hertz acquired Thrifty in 2012, the car rental service operates locations around the world, so you do not have to be without transportation on your travels. When you book with Thrifty, you can rest easy knowing you can keep your trip under budget without compromising on quality. Benefits of booking a rental car with your AAA membership include the following:

  • 8% discount on vehicles booked in advance
  • 10% off daily GPS navigation units
  • No charge for an additional authorized operator who is also a AAA member
  • Free use of a child safety seat

The navigation units are unavailable to book in advance but are still discounted if they are available when you pick up your vehicle. While booking in advance guarantees your vehicle discount, the navigation unit cannot be reserved.

Your cost-efficient trip begins with the discount car rental you choose for your travels. You can save money by using your AAA membership to purchase a rental vehicle for the duration of your vacation or business trip. Whether your driving around the United States or further abroad, Thrifty has the car to take you to your destination and bring you home.

Book Your Rental Car Today

Book your car today for your next trip. Business and leisure traveling has never been easier thanks to the selection of vehicles and number of locations for you to choose from. Present your AAA member ID at checkout online or over the phone when you make your reservation so you can take advantage of your membership discount with Thrifty.