When planning your household move, you might ask yourself: Should I use a van line? While every situation is unique, van lines add value you might not receive otherwise if attempting a do-it-yourself move or using a relocation service. Agents of van lines oftentimes hold more accountability to deliver on promises, and because these agents have access to better equipment, experienced labor and a wider network, these companies are able to provide better moves. Van lines choose quality agents based on a variety of standards.

In weighing service options, it is important to understand what benefits a van line adds to your move when compared to other options. Great van line perks include:

  • Experienced people. Van lines bring experience. Although every move is unique, these professionals have faced similar needs or challenges and can think on their feet for appropriate solutions. Agents of van lines consistently deal with every kind of moving challenge imaginable, and use professionals that are trained and experienced. A van line and their agents are able to help you step-by-step and can provide helpful insight and guidance along the way.
  • Work efficiency. Efficiency is a common approach van lines take to ensure all necessary tasks are accomplished on time. With years of experience, agents of professional van lines have successful systematic approaches for packing, loading, transporting, unpacking and unloading your household goods.
  • Proper equipment. There is no need to spend extra time wondering how your boxes will make it from point A to point B. Van line agents are responsible for their own equipment, including a safe, clear, well-maintained truck; dollies; lifts; cartons; padding and wrapping, among other necessary items to ensure safe packing, loading and transport. All these items are necessary for moving special items such as vehicles or antiques.
  • Ethical Reputation. Agents are held accountable by the van line and its agents to deliver on their promises with a high-level of customer service and satisfaction. Many major line van lines have a well-known reputation. It’s advisable to get references from people you know and trust. If that isn’t possible, don’t worry. The industry has established another means – ProMover – which is administered by the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). This designation attests officially to a van line’s quality and ethical business practices.

When choosing a van line, giving your trust from start to finish is a big step in the process of a successful household move, but a smart one. One of the benefits of choosing a van line like Atlas is being able to work directly with Atlas from the first call to the last unpacked box. 

In addition to saving up to 60 percent or more on state-to-state moves with Atlas Van Lines, AAA members receive up to $100,000 Full Value Protection at no additional charge (an average savings of $560). Savings are also available for across town, within state, and international moves. Across town (local) and within state (intrastate) services are performed under Atlas agent’s authorities. Discounts may vary and are not available in all areas. Call 1-800-621-6547 or visit AAA.com/AtlasVanLines.