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Thinking of switching online tax prep providers this year? Look no further.

E-filing with TaxAct® gives you the tools and expert support you need to ensure you get your maximum refund*. After all, your tax refund is money you’ve already earned — we want to help you get it all back!

1. Pay up to 20 percent less to file federal

At TaxAct, we don’t believe you should have to pay a premium price to file your taxes. That’s why the cost to file a 2022 federal return with us is up to 20 percent less than TurboTax. 1

File for less and get more this tax season by choosing a DIY e-file solution that is easier on your pocketbook and helps you uncover tax advantages to get your maximum refund!

2. File confidently with a $100k Accuracy Guarantee

Any tax software provider can promise to help you get your biggest refund possible.

At TaxAct, we go one step further by creating a guarantee that stands above the rest. Choosing to file with any of our TaxAct consumer online products provides the added comfort of knowing your return is backed by our $100k Accuracy Guarantee*.

With the strongest accuracy guarantee in the industry, we are confident our software is 100 percent accurate and will get you your maximum refund.* If we’re wrong, we’ll refund any tax filing software fees, pay any difference in your lower refund or higher tax liability, and cover any legal or audit costs up to $100,000.

With an accuracy guarantee like that, the better question is, why wouldn’t you choose a tax prep provider with that level of confidence?

3. Easily import your tax data from another software provider

We get it — switching tax software is cumbersome because your information is already stored with the other guy, and you don’t want to start over.

If that thought is overwhelming, let’s ease your worries a bit.

Switching to TaxAct from your previous online tax provider is simple. 2 All you need to do is upload a PDF of your prior year’s return, and your tax data will automatically import directly onto your return within your TaxAct account. It’s seriously that easy. That makes switching to a software provider that costs less a no-brainer.

4. Protect yourself with Audit Defense

Raise your hand if you’ve ever worried about getting audited by the IRS.

When you e-file your federal income tax return with us, you can opt to enroll in Audit Defense, provided by Tax Protection Plus 3.

Audit Defense gives you peace of mind in case of an audit by handling the situation on your behalf. If you get audited, just give Protection Plus a call. You will be assigned a trained tax audit specialist to guide you through the next steps. Your dedicated specialist will manage any necessary correspondence with the IRS for you.

Audit Defense gives you federal and state audit assistance for three years after filing your return. In addition to audit assistance, Protection Plus can also help taxpayers with tax debt relief, denied tax credits, and tax fraud.

5. Talk to real tax experts for free

This year for TY22, we’re offering expert tax advice with Xpert Assist℠ included with all returns for free 4!

Our tax specialists can give you expert tax advice and answer any questions you have throughout the filing process. If you wish, an expert can also give your return a quick review before you file for extra peace of mind.

Even if you’re pretty confident with DIY filing, it’s nice to know our experts are available just in case a new scenario or question pops up for you.

6. Improve your tax outcome with ProTips

Throughout the TaxAct filing experience, you will see quick, easy-to-digest pieces of information along the way. We call these ProTips, and they are carefully picked out to help you understand and improve your tax outcome.

ProTips allow you to take control of your return and learn about tax advantages you may not know existed. Look out for them within the TaxAct filing experience!

7. Get your customized My TaxPlan

Everyone wants to receive the maximum refund possible. We can help you with that, but the real progress comes after you file.

The time to impact your tax outcome is January through December of the tax year — that’s when you can make purchases and other decisions that could lead to potential tax benefits.

That’s why we offer My TaxPlan™. This feature is designed to help you change your tax outcome before the next tax season rolls around. 5

Here’s how it works. Once you complete your return, we’ll provide you with a customized plan you can download. My TaxPlan alerts you to possible refund-boosting opportunities to help you save even more next tax season.

Join the millions of people who use TaxAct’s online tax service each year and start your return today.

* Read more about the TaxAct Maximum Refund and $100k Accuracy Guarantees.

120% less than Turbo Tax claim based on comparison with TurboTax federal pricing for paid consumer online 1040 filing products on 10/11/2022.

2TaxAct can import data from PDFs of 1040 returns prepared by many but not all tax filing software solutions.

3Read further details of services and requirements associated with Audit Defense provided by Tax Protection Plus. May not apply to certain forms and credits. Certain customers may not qualify for services based on past tax audit history, residency, or other factors. Audit Defense is not insurance and is subject to the terms and conditions found on the Tax Protection Plus website.

TaxAct, Inc. gets fees from some third parties, including Tax Protection Plus, that provide offers to its customers. This compensation may affect what and how we communicate their services to you.

4Xpert Assist is available as an added service to users of TaxAct’s online consumer 1040 product. Unlimited access refers to an unlimited quantity of expert contacts available to each customer. Service hours limited to designated scheduling times and by expert availability. Some tax topics or situations may not be included as part of this service. Review of customer return is broad, does not extend to source documents and not intended to be comprehensive; expert is available to address specific questions raised by customer. Offer for Free TaxAct® Xpert Assist may expire at any time. View full TaxAct Xpert Assist Terms and Conditions<url=”” title=”Click to view full TaxAct Xpert Assist Terms and Conditions.”>.

5Your customized My TaxPlan™ features potential refund-growing opportunities and easy-to-follow instructions based on the information you provide for your current tax return.