Boxes, packing tape, boxes, packing peanuts and—you guessed it—more boxes. That’s right; it’s time to start packing up for the big move. Packing up your belongings carefully will help the unpacking process be less overwhelming.

Be sure to stay organized and maintain a positive attitude during this tedious task. These three pointers will have you on your way to efficient packing in no time.

  • Start early. Most people think they have less stuff than they really do, so be sure to leave enough time to pack it all. Making a calendar timeline of what should be packed up by when will help get everything done on time. Be sure to track your progress and make adjustments if necessary.
  • Organization is a must.  By  making lists according to your current place and future place, you will be able to help manage what is going where. Color-coding different room types (i.e. kids’ rooms, playroom, bathroom, master bedroom, kitchen, craft room, etc.) on the outside of boxes with colored tape or post-its will help keep items organized as you pack belongings in and pull them out of boxes.
  • Pack the “essentials” box first. This ‘lifeline’ of sorts should be the first off the moving truck and perhaps even transported with you in the car. The small (but mighty) box should contain everything you need for a couple of nights including linens, extra toiletries, and towels. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way—if in dire need, a convenience or drug store is likely minutes away in any new city.

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