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Moving Terms You Need to Know Before Relocating

May 1st, 2023 | Atlas Van Lines

When you're trying to organize a move, the last thing you want to do is stumble through moving company jargon. The terms thrown out can sound foreign and complicated, which is why you should prepare in advance. Here are some common terms from Atlas Van Lines you should know before your move:

Bill of Lading

The bill of lading refers to a very important moving document - the original shipping contract between you and your moving company. This record notes the dates, services and charges that have been agreed upon, as well as a receipt for your belongings. You will receive a copy of this document to review and sign.

Full-service move

A full-service move simply means your moving company can handle every aspect of your relocation. From packing and loading belongings to delivering and unpacking, your movers can cover it all if you choose. This option is always welcome during a move because it means less work for you to do.

Commonly confused terms

You should also watch out for moving terms that are commonly confused. Understanding the difference between these words will help make your move run smoothly:

Interstate vs. intrastate moving

Don't let the close spelling of these two terms confuse you when planning your move. An interstate move is when you're moving between two or more states. An intrastate move, on the other hand, is when your shipment is moving within one state.

Binding vs. non-binding estimate

It's important to get an estimate before your move so you know how much money you need to budget. However, you can receive different types of estimates. The price given in a binding estimate, for example, is the set amount you'll have to pay. Even if your items weigh more than expected, you only have to cover that initial quote. A non-binding estimate, however, is a little less stable. The estimate you receive will change once your belongings have been weighed - your final price could potentially be a lot more, or a lot less than estimated.

Insurance vs. valuation

If you want your move to be protected, then professional movers typically offer valuation options. Valuation represents the amount of liability the moving company is responsible for during the relocation. Your options include Full Value Protection and Replacement Value Protection. Insurance is different from a valuation, because you purchase it from a licensed insurance broker. It also tends to be more expensive than the valuation options offered by professional movers.

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