Road safety is a major public health concern*.

As a call to action, LensCrafters, one of the largest optical retail brands in North America and a AAA partner, has launched the “See the World Clearly, Drive Safely” campaign that highlights the importance of having a personalized vision solution for driving. The 360-degree marketing initiative, which runs from May 31 to July 4, aims to educate consumers and raise awareness of the importance of good vision for all drivers to keep themselves and others safe.

“Many people do not understand the correlation between good vision and driving. There are a lot of factors that can affect someone’s ability to drive safely such as glare from the sun, changes in vision as we age, and night-time driving conditions*,” said Dr. Julie Hively, LensCrafters Optometrist. “Easy steps that people can take are getting an annual eye exam and wearing the correct vision solution.”

The new campaign will highlight the importance of scheduling an annual eye exam and offers a wide range of vision solutions from LensCrafters to correct, protect, and enhance consumers’ vision and fit their lifestyles. Additionally, LensCrafters vision solutions include high quality lens options for those who wear Single Vision or Progressive lenses, may need Transitions, Anti-reflective, Blue-IQ or Prescription Sun lenses. From designer brand frames such as Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Bulgari, and Burberry, to prescription sunglasses, and contact lenses, the brand has a solution for every vision need.

LensCrafters offers customers an omnichannel experience when looking for the right vision solution for their driving needs. You can browse or shop online, as well as visit their 1000+ stores for a comprehensive eye exam and shopping experience for new eyewear.

AAA is committed to making the roads safer for everyone. One way to do this is through required vision testing for driver license renewal and/or re-examination of any person whose driving record indicates poor performance. AAA also urges states to improve current vision and knowledge tests required to obtain a driver’s license.

The latest eye care innovations and personalized solutions are available at LensCrafters. All prescriptions are welcome. Outside prescriptions are accepted online and in stores. Remember to show your AAA card at LensCrafters to save on your eyewear and eye exams.

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*Essilor source: external online survey- 2019 Brazil, China, India, France, USA; 14, 276 respondents