Gone are the days when you had to head to a print shop to make a copy of your tax records or print flyers for your business. There are more consumer printers than ever, and the HP Smart Tank printer leads the pack.

This printer is affordable, efficient, and offers high-quality prints on-demand, but how does it differ from other HP printers? Here's a look at this sustainable printer that offers up to 2 years of ink out of the box.

What is an HP Smart Tank printer?

HP Smart Tank printers use thermal inkjet technology to create prints. Instead of buying replaceable, pre-filled ink cartridges, these printers are refilled from ink bottles into tanks housed within the printer. Depending on the model, it may include scanning and copying, too.

Using an HP Smart Tank printer is as seamless as any HP printer, with the same software, tools, and print commands you would find on models with ink cartridges or toner. Smart Tank Printers are made for high-volume print needs where quality is preferred, but sustainability is also valued.

Benefits of an HP Smart Tank printer

HP Smart Tank printers are loaded with features, and different models boast different perks. However, each printer in the family offers the following benefits.


HP Smart Tank printers produce black-and-white or full-color pages quickly and efficiently whether you print on both sides or one. Speeds range from up to 9 pages per minute (ppm) for color documents and 15 ppm for black-and-white.


While these printers are priced slightly above those that use cartridges, the overall cost of ownership and return on investment is very competitive. HP Smart Tank printers come with a full set of ink bottles, providing nearly 2 years of ink. Each bottle contains enough ink for 4,000 to 8,000 pages!


Enjoy high-resolution, full-color prints in minutes – perfect for offices and classrooms. For total control over print quality, you'll love how easy it is to manage your output compared to relying on a print shop or external supplier. You can preview your prints and make small adjustments before printing with the included HP software, which cuts down on the cost and waste of unnecessary reprints.


HP® is known for high-tech networking and protection features, and you'll find them in your new HP Smart Tank printer. In addition to self-healing WiFi technology, your HP printer includes easy management features so that only you, your family, or team members have access. You can also add extra security layers for sensitive print jobs you send from your smartphone.


Copy, scan, and print from your device's control panel, or do it all from your mobile device, tablet, or PC. Just log into your secure HP account to send scans to email, print from the web, and share documents between family members. You control it all, and it requires just a touch of a button for most jobs. You don't even need to be in the same country as the printer to make it work!


HP has prioritized eco-friendly measures for years, and that's particularly evident in this printer. Its body is made from up to 25% recycled plastics, and the ink refill system creates more prints with less waste.

How to refill the HP Smart Tank printer

HP Smart Tank printers use the same quality ink as devices with replaceable cartridges. HP Original Ink produces bold colors, sharp images, and impressive contrast in a variety of applications. However, refilling an HP Smart Tank's ink is a bit different.


When you receive a low ink prompt from your printer, it's time to refill. Take the corresponding color ink bottle, open the cap, and insert the bottle, top-down, into the top of the ink tank. Do not squeeze or shake the bottle. Allow the ink to flow down naturally into the tank. When the ink tank is full, remove the bottle. If any ink is left in the bottle, simply replace the cap for storage.


When done correctly, HP Smart Tank printer ink lasts up to 2 years. Plus, there's no mess to worry about, and you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing you're using the original manufacturer's products.


You don't need to remove anything from the printer, hold onto empty cartridges, recycle cartridges, or shop around for the best cartridge match. When you need to re-up, buying ink bottle refills is as simple as visiting the HP Store and placing an order. Plus, the HP Original Ink bottles are backed by HP's guarantee of quality and performance for your compatible printer.

Who is the HP Smart Tank printer for?

The HP Smart Tank printer is for anyone who wants excellent value in a printer without sacrificing volume or quality. Here are a few of the ideal consumer groups for this printer line.


With worksheets, record-keeping documents, and art projects to consider, it's easy to print hundreds of pages each month. The HP Smart Tank printer can help. It meets the needs of larger families, and everyone can send their own jobs to the printer without bothering their parents.


Having physical copies of some projects is increasingly important, whether you freelance or run a team. Small business owners can easily print direct mailers, flyers, brochures, and tax documents from their offices. It's simple to flip between fast-draft black-and-white prints and photo-quality color prints.


If your boss lets you choose which printer you need, consider an HP Smart Tank printer. Refills are a breeze, and you can keep printing for months without worrying. This printer also handles its own management tasks, so you can stay connected and let your printer take care of itself.

Best HP Smart Tank printers

HP® offers more than one printer with this reliable and efficient technology. Which one is right for you?


For a seamless experience from a printer that pulls out all the stops, you'll want the HP Smart Tank 7301 All-in-One printer. The 35-page automatic document feeder provides hands-free scanning and copying in addition to vibrant prints. The printer’s duplexing feature also organizes all your printing tasks. The printer buttons light up so you can see in dimly lit rooms, and the visual guides help you complete the most complicated scanning and copying tasks.

Use the wireless option to connect to all of your smart devices. You'll enjoy enhanced security features and self-healing WiFi, which keeps you productive and reduces many of those "printer offline" errors of the past. Plus, encryption and password protection are standard.

This is the go-to printer for small businesses, large families, and anyone with high monthly print volume needs.

Looking for a similar printer with fax features? Consider upgrading to the HP Smart Tank 7602 printer


For a more entry-level printer with many of the same features, the HP Smart Tank 6001 is an ideal pick. It comes with secure wireless technology, robust print outputs, and an intuitive print button interface. You'll also enjoy print speeds of 7 ppm in color and 12 ppm in black and white. Essentially, you get the reliability and quality of the 7301 without the automatic document feeder and in a slightly smaller package.

Freelancers, small families, and those who don't need to organize complex print jobs will love this printer, especially its more affordable price. The HP Smart Tank 6001 printer also harnesses the HP Smart Print app and hands-free features, along with the great return on investment of the ink bottle refills.


With consumer tech options growing every day, it can be hard to know which printer is right for you. With a balance of quality, efficiency, sustainability, and affordability, HP Smart Tank printers check all the boxes.

You'll enjoy the familiar user interface you've come to know from HP®, with many new security protections working quietly behind the scenes. You also have several models to choose from, so your budget and monthly print volume can determine how much you invest.

And with no need to order or replace ink cartridges, this is a set-it-and-forget-it device, something we can all use in these always-busy times.