JUNE 1ST, 2021

Every year Dad tells you that he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day, yet every year you see that secret smile when he unwraps a personalized fishing lure, a new set of grilling tools, or a dad-joke-inspired tee. Whether your dad is the type of guy who wants nothing, has everything, or falls somewhere in between, show him that you love him with a gift he can’t refuse. Shop through AAA to find quality items for every budget.

Speak To the Competitor in Him

It seems to be an unspoken code among men that Father’s Day is a day for showing off their skills. Equip Dad with the tools he needs to outshine the rest of those fathers. Impress him with a personalized, stainless steel grill set from Personalization Mall and save 15% on your purchase. Don’t stop there, let him show off his sizzling techniques by gifting him hearty and delicious entrées from Stock Yards and save 20% on your purchase.

If your dad is a car guy that likes to do things himself, show him that you notice. Get him new tools, car accessories, or something equally impressive with your discount at NAPA AUTO PARTS. AAA members save 10% on purchases in-store and online.

Is your dad always trying to race you to the finish line or score the next basket? Grab him new gear from Reebok Outlet Stores. Members save 15% on stylish shoes, clothing, and accessories.

Appeal to His Tech Side

Whether Dad is into movies, staying fit, computing, or all of the above, there are few better places to shop for him through AAA. Get your dad some of that gear he’s been eyeing for a while but that he hasn’t been able to justify buying for himself, such as that Ultra HD TV, surround soundbar or Galaxy Smart Watch. When you shop using your AAA discounts at Samsung you can save up to 30% on your purchase.  Go big by purchasing a UHD projector and bring family movie night outdoors, or make entertainment portable for him with a new tablet. Save big on your purchase when you shop Dell or HP.

Create a Bonding Opportunity

Most parents only ever want to spend more time with their adult children. Regardless of how good you are about spending once a weekend a month or every Friday night with your parents, chances are you and your dad get few to no opportunities to hang out one-on-one. This Father’s Day create the opportunity by purchasing tickets through Whether your dad is into music, sports, movies, or even rollercoasters, chances are AAA Tickets has something for you with savings of up to 40%.

Looking for something simple, like dinner or lunch out with dad? Show your AAA card at Hard Rock or one of the many Landry’s Restaurant locations. Get one-on-one time with dad and 10% of your food & beverage purchase back in your pocket.

Go With Old Faithful

When all else fails, there is still the annual tie. If that is your go-to, step it up a little with when you use your AAA card to access discounts on contemporary, name-brand versions. Grab your free coupon book when you visit Tanger Outlets for additional savings or, shop the TangerVirtual Shopper program and have it shipped directly to you or him. Your personal shopper will work hard to find exactly what you are looking for.

It may not be as easy to shop for Dad as it is for Mom, but we have confidence that, by browsing our site, you can find something that will make him smile. Don’t forget to use your AAA membership at checkout to save.