• Avoid driving at night, if possible!
    • Everyone’s vision is poorer at night
    • And there are more impaired drivers on the road at night
  • Prepare your vehicle
    • Clean glass
    • Clean headlights
    • Clean sensors
  • Turn down dash lights
    • In the darkness, the less light in a vehicle’s interior, the easier it is for the driver to see outside of the vehicle.
    • When possible, adjust the instrument panel lighting to the lowest illumination necessary.
  • Electronic Devices- The glow from electronic device screens also reduces night vision
  • Drive at a speed such that you don’t “overdrive” your headlights
    • Your sight distance at night is limited to the distance lit by your vehicle’s headlights
    • Too Fast = insufficient room to slow down enough
  • Minimize the effects of glare caused by headlights of oncoming vehicles
    • Could look down and to the right, at the solid white line, just before the oncoming vehicle passes by your vehicle
    • Immediately as the other vehicle goes by, get your eyes back up and looking well down the road
  • Keep even more space around your vehicle- ahead and to the sides

Value of Corrective Eyewear

  • The most important sense used in driving is vision
  • Driving can be thought of as involving three basic steps:
    • Perceiving the road ahead - this is where clear vision comes in
    • Deciding on what to do based on what you perceived
    • Acting on your decision, such as changing your speed and/or steering into a different path
  • Clear vision can be viewed as the most important step
    • If you miss seeing something ahead, you don’t even make it to steps 2 or 3
    • You cannot avoid what you don’t see
  • “Reading” the road accurately is every driver’s most important function
  • That’s why corrective eyewear is so valuable
  • The better a driver’s vision and perception, the safer they will be on the road

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