If you’re one of the 50% of Americans who still celebrate Valentine’s Day, you probably take the holiday very seriously. You know, chocolates, jewelry, dinner and a movie … That kind of thing. While we agree that you can’t put a price tag on love, the National Retail Federation attempted to, and what it found was that Americans spend a lot of money on Valentine’s Day, as in $20.7 billion a lot.

Upon further dissection, the NRF concluded that the average consumer spends approximately $162 on Saint Valentine’s Day. The biggest spenders are between the ages of 35 and 44, averaging $279.14. Individuals between 25 and 34 are the second-biggest spenders, averaging $239 each February 14th.

If you’re looking at these numbers and thinking you can’t afford to spoil your loved one this Valentine’s Day — especially so soon after the holidays — don’t sweat it. At AAA, we partner with top brands and retailers to bring you steep discounts and rewards on everything from dining to chocolates and more. See how your AAA membership can help you spoil your valentine on a budget.

Affordable Fine Dining

We know what you’re thinking … The terms “affordable” and “fine dining” don’t typically go together. However, for active AAA members, they do. We partner with major restaurants and food delivery companies across the country so that members of the AAA family can enjoy fine dining on the cheap. Below are a few deals (and ideas) that are sure to wow your date:

With dozens of dining partners across the country, we are sure to have a deal that’s right for you.

Sweet Gifts at a Discount

Why wait until the evening hours to spoil your significant other? Surprise him or her at work or at a random hour of the day with a special delivery of flowers, chocolates, tickets or all of the above. You can never go wrong with Shari’s Berries chocolate-covered strawberries, which will be all the sweeter when they’re accompanied by a luscious bouquet from 1800Flowers. When you place an order through, you can save 20% off on some of the most decadent chocolate you will ever taste from Simply Chocolate. If your valentine is more of a thrill-seeker, choose to do something different this holiday and take him or her to a theme park. AAA members save up to 30% off amusement park and museum tickets when they place their orders through AAA Tickets.

At AAA, we understand your desire to spoil your other half on Valentine’s Day, but we also understand that, with it being so soon after the holidays, it can be financially difficult to do so. Being a AAA member comes with many perks, with exclusive discounts from top brands being just one of them. If you’re already a AAA member, use our website to start planning your big date night today. If you’re not yet a member, check out all the reasons you should become one.