Did you know that March is ‘Save Your Vision’ Month? If you didn’t, now you do. The American Optometric Association created the campaign to bring awareness to the need for ongoing and comprehensive eye exams and care. According to the AOA, too many people are under the assumption that good vision means good eye health, but that is not always the case. Rather, many people live with latent eye issues that only become obvious once it is too late. At AAA, we want to help you prevent debilitating eye conditions and preserve your vision in the best way we know how: By partnering with leading brands to ensure you receive the care and equipment you need at prices you can afford.

Save on Prescription Lenses, Frames, Exams, and More

LensCrafters is one of our long-time partners, extending exclusive discounts to AAA members across the nation. Through LensCrafters, an already affordable provider, you can undergo an exam and receive a complete set of prescription glasses — frames, lenses, and all — for up to 50% off. If you prefer contact lenses, enjoy 10% off a pair. If you simply want a new pair of sunglasses (non-prescription), you can save 30% on the latest brands. With deals like this, it’s hard not to want to take your eye health seriously.

Put Less Strain On Your Eyes With Advanced Technology

The average American adult spends at least nine hours a day in front of a screen. It’s no wonder then that digital eye strain affects 70% of the adult population, and that it’s only growing more prevalent as the population ages. While the best thing you can do for your eyes is to step away from your computer, tablet, phone, or television, we understand that technology is now a necessary part of life. Make it a less harmful part by investing in advanced equipment designed to protect the eyes, such as an HP computer with built-in anti-glare screens. Or maybe a new UHD monitor from Dell. Shop through one of our leading AAA partners for the best deals on top-of-the-line equipment. AAA members also save at Samsung on the latest technology, that will make it easier on your eyes and your wallet.

Do yourself a favor and celebrate Save Your Vision Month this year and each year thereafter. Do so in the most cost-efficient way by joining the AAA family today.