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At AAA, we have partnered with Samsung to provide our members with access to exclusive discounts and deals. Now, our members can save big on Samsung home appliances. You can shop for the latest Samsung smart refrigerators, dryers, ovens, and more through our online store. This is just one of the many ways that we help our members save money on day-to-day costs.

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Score big on savings by shopping for Samsung home appliances through our online store. To access exclusive discounts on Samsung devices, start by signing up to become a AAA member. As a AAA member, you’ll have access to premium deals and promotions, all available through your online Samsung account.

Once you’re a member, sign in and start saving up to 30% sitewide. Browse the online store to access exclusive deals on Samsung home appliances. So whether you want to upgrade your refrigerator with smart technology, or you’re hoping to streamline your everyday life by implementing a full line-up of Samsung appliances, we’ll help you save money while accessing the latest innovations in home technology.

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Samsung is a global leader in designing innovative home appliances. Samsung offers brilliant designs that allow you to connect your entire home by focusing on the use of smart technology to make your everyday life easier. Through WiFi connectivity, stream music from your refrigerator, change the temperature of the food you are cooking and build your grocery list with real-time views of your refrigerator from anywhere.

  • Ranked #1 in Product and Service Quality and Repair by American Customer Satisfaction Index 2022.
  • Bespoke wins design award.  Fast Company awarded Samsung as a 2022 Most Innovative Company for customizable colors and options across the Bespoke kitchen appliance line.
  • Fresh looks, fresher laundry.  Samsung washers and dryers deliver innovative features, Wi-fi connectivity, and improved efficiency for a cleaner, greener world.
  • Loved by customers.  Samsung has received more J.D. Power Awards for kitchen appliances then any other brand in 2022.

Whether you are looking for more fridge space or want to enjoy the benefits of smart technology as you cook your next meal, being a AAA member means accessing the latest specials on Samsung home appliances. Continue to check back with our Samsung AAA Discounts & Rewards program for the latest specials.