A little girl and her father give a woman Mother’s Day gifts.

17 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for All the Moms in Your Life

April 13th, 2023 | AAA

Is anyone more challenging to buy a gift for than Mom for Mother’s Day? Part of being a mom is putting others first, which means she’ll tell you she doesn’t want anything when you ask her for Mother’s Day gift ideas. So when you get her a gift card to pick out what she wants, there’s a good chance she’ll actually use it to buy something for her kids or spouse instead. 

Consider giving Mom one of these Mother’s Day gifts this Mother’s Day, which falls on Sunday, May 14. She (probably) won’t return them, and you’ll save a few bucks by using the AAA Discounts & Rewards® program.

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Mother’s Day Gifts That Are Sure To Please

Check out these Mother’s Day gift ideas to treat Mom on her special day. 

1. Give the Gift of Safety

Show Mom how much you care by gifting her a AAA membership. You’ll love knowing she has the peace of mind of Roadside Assistance and AAA-approved repair facilities. Plus, she’ll love the AAA Discounts & Rewards® program and the travel planning perks.


A woman and her mother relax at a spa for Mother’s Day.

2. Book a Relaxing Getaway

Help Mom relax with a trip to the spa or the beach with a stay at a AAA preferred partner hotel for a weekend getaway. She’ll return recharged and ready to get back to her daily life. If you’re lucky, maybe she’ll even invite you to tag along for a mother-child retreat. Save money on the hotel by booking her getaway during the week.

3. Cheer On Her Favorite Team

No matter what team she roots for, Mom will love the chance to take in a game with you. There’s nothing better than being part of a crowd, watching your sports team do what they do best while chowing down on arena food — except spending quality time with Mom. AAA Tickets can hook you up with tickets up to 30 percent off so you can even spring for some team apparel as a souvenir. 

Upgrade Her TV So She Can Catch Her Shows in 4D

Whether she’s binging the latest episode of her favorite baking competition or the latest historical romance everyone’s talking about, Mom deserves to see it with crystal clarity. Replace her old TV with a new Samsung model.


A family enjoys a ride at Disney World for Mother’s Day.

5. Spend the Day Making Her Feel Like a Kid Again

Turn Mom’s dreams into reality with a day at Disney World or Universal Studios. For the young at heart, there’s nothing better than a day riding her favorite rides, meeting her favorite characters and shopping for official memorabilia to show her how much you appreciate her helping you make your dreams come true. 

6. See a Broadway Show

Get dressed up and take Mom out for a night on the town. Start with dinner at her favorite Landry’s restaurant before surprising her with tickets to a Broadway show. Depending on the show, you may need to plan ahead and purchase tickets well in advance or use another last-minute strategy.

7. Replace Her Old Appliances

Make Mom’s life easier by swapping out her old appliances in favor of the latest Samsung appliances. She’ll love having a dishwasher that actually cleans her dishes in one cycle or an oven that heats evenly while she cooks. 

8. Personalize a Gift

Take a gift from blah to elevated with some personalization from Personalization Mall. Whether it’s a coffee mug with a photo of the two of you, a customized throw pillow or blanket, or an engraved photo frame, Mom is sure to display this gift for everyone to see.


Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gifts That Don’t Skimp on Love

Sometimes our budget doesn’t match how much we love Mom, and that’s OK. Sometimes simple Mother’s Day gifts are the way to go.


A daughter gives her mother flowers as a Mother’s Day gift.

9. Send Her Flowers

You can’t go wrong with flowers, especially if you’re looking for a last-minute gift for Mom (unless she’s got allergies — then maybe pass on this Mother’s Day go-to). If you aren’t sure what types of flowers say “thanks for putting up with me, Mom,” consider sticking with the classics like roses or carnations. Of course, if you know her favorite flower, order those instead. Or just ask the experts at 1-800-Flowers

If flowers make her sneeze, replace the flower bouquet with an edible fruit bouquet or some decorated strawberries from Shari’s Berries.

Mother’s Day is one of the busiest times of year for flower shops, so place your order early!

10. Treat Her at Her Favorite Restaurant

The best gift you can give Mom is time to bond, especially if you no longer live at home. Bonus points if you can do it without making her feel like she has to play hostess and clean her house or cook dinner. Instead, take her to dinner at her favorite restaurant or bring Mom’s favorite food to her with Landry’s Kitchen.

You’ll need to do a little advance work to pull this off since it’s a popular way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Find out if your restaurant choice allows reservations, and make one as soon as you can to guarantee a table. Otherwise, you’ll likely spend a portion of your evening in a crowded waiting room getting hangry with strangers.

Do a quick Google search to find Mother’s Day specials at restaurants to see if her favorite place is running a deal. You can also check out AAA’s dining discounts for deals at restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe.

11. Mail Her Some Homemade Goodies

Sometimes, small gifts for Mom are the most heartfelt. If you can’t make it home for Mother’s Day to see her in person, send her a box of homemade treats. Include her current favorites or treats you remember her teaching you to make for a dose of nostalgia. Include a sweet card and a gift card for a manicure or massage, and mail it from your local UPS Store

If homemade goods aren’t your forte, send her cookies from Cheryl’s or popcorn from The Popcorn Factory.

12. Fill Up Her Gas Tank for a Road Trip

Thank Mom for all those rides to practice, friends’ houses and school by filling up her tank. Use the Fuel Rewards program at Shell to save 5 cents per gallon every time she lets you borrow the car. And don’t forget the perfect pair of sunglasses to keep the sun out of her eyes as she drives.


A young woman hugs her mother while helping her with her laptop for Mother’s Day.

13. Get Her Up To Speed on Her Tech

Some moms just aren’t great with technology, and that’s OK. Spend some time helping her set up her new Dell computer or electronics. Offer to walk her through all the gizmos and apps on her Samsung phone. Finally sit down and figure out what’s going on with her HP printer like she’s been asking you to. 

Whatever she needs help with, devote a few hours to answering her questions as patiently as you can. A little free tech support helps her out, plus she gets some quality one-on-one time with you.

14. Pamper Her Feet With a New Pair of Shoes

Whether she prefers a pair of Reeboks or designer heels, pick up a new pair of shoes for Mom. New shoes are thoughtful gifts because everyone needs them, and you’re showing you care by picking something out that fits her unique style.

15. Send Her to Girls Night at the Movies

When did Mom last see a movie that didn’t involve a cartoon character? Buy discounted movie tickets for her and her girlfriends to have a night out watching a rom-com or another flick of their choice. Throw in a gift card so they can munch on their favorite snacks.


Breakfast in bed makes a great Mother’s Day Gift.

16. Make Her Breakfast in Bed

Order the necessary supplies from Gopuff and whip up a homemade breakfast with all her favorites. If you want to let her sleep in (which we recommend) include items that don’t need to be heated up, like a pastry and some fruit, and leave it next to her bed. Or convince her to stay in bed while you make an elaborate pancake or omelet breakfast. Put it on a tray with some flowers, and whatever you do, don’t forget the coffee! 

17. Have Her Car Cleaned or Serviced

Make up for all the Cheerios and juice you spilled in her car as a kid by getting her car detailed, or take it in for a tune-up to keep her safe on the road. If you’re handy with cars, get the parts you need from NAPA Auto Parts to swap out her windshield wipers or air filter. 


Celebrate Mom With AAA

Ahead of this Mother’s Day, sign up for a AAA membership so you can take advantage of discounts to help you spoil all the moms in your life. And don’t forget Dad — check out our inexpensive gifts for Father’s Day and be ready for Sunday, June 18. Attach one of our gift tags to your gift!