Like the circle itself, pi is a mathematical constant. Possibly because of its ongoing nature, or maybe because it happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday, people all over the world celebrate the mathematical sign on March 14 — or 3.14 — by eating pie, baking pies, doing pie runs and even working out some algebraic equations. If you’re looking for a reason to celebrate this year (Because, who isn’t?), join the other 55% of Americans who already celebrate Pi Day by participating in common Pi Day festivities. To make the fun more affordable, use your AAA membership to enjoy ongoing discounts, savings, and rewards.

A Few Facts About Pi

To celebrate Pi Day properly, it may help to know a bit more about it. Below are a few fun facts about pi:

  • Initially, when Archimedes calculated pi, he only did so up to six digits. This was in the third century B.C.
  • By the 1400s, mathematicians had calculated pi up to 17 digits. Another 18 digits were added around 1600. This 35-digit number — the “Ludolphine number” — proved useful for creating the perfect circle down to the atomic level.
  • In the 1700s, “pi” received its official name.
  • In the 18th and 19th centuries, pi was calculated to 200 digits.
  • With the help of technology, and after 303 days of computation, pi was discovered to have more than 50 trillion digits.
  • Eventually, Pi was dubbed “irrational” and, ultimately, infinite.

Activities to Try on Pi Day

With a firm appreciation of pi and how the irrational number came to be, you can confidently join in on the festivities. The good news is, you don’t have to love math to celebrate pi — you merely need to eat, search and shop:

  • Eat Pie Foods: Regardless of the occasion, food is a must. Whereas Thanksgiving and Christmas are reserved for turkey and ham, Pi Day is reserved for pie-shaped foods. Think beyond the traditional pie (though don’t skip the delectable pastry) and order up some pizzas, pot pies, shepherd's pies, burgers, and tarts. Save on takeout and delivery at your favorite pizza joints by searching the AAA website before placing your order. Find discounts from Cheryl's CookiesWolfermansLandry's RestaurantsHard Rock Cafe, and more.
  • Pi Scavenger Hunt: Turn fun into savings by putting together a pi-themed scavenger hunt. Browse AAA Discounts & Rewards to discover hundreds of ways you can save on items and services with pi themes.
  • Look for Local Pi Day Deals: Check with local restaurants, stores, bakeries, and businesses to see if they’re offering Pi Day deals.
  • Memorize the Digits of Pi: The average American has at least 10 digits of pi memorized. Try to get at least 10 but, if you’re feeling motivated, go for more. The sky truly is the limit with this challenge.

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