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Celebrate Heart Health Today and Every Day with Help from AAA

February 1st, 2023 | AAA Discounts & Rewards

In February, Valentine’s Day may be top of mind, and while that is to be expected, we encourage you to think about more than just the candy kind. February is American Heart Health Month, a federally designated month designed to remind families, friends and communities of the importance of maintaining optimal heart health and preventing the number one killer of Americans: Heart disease. The event earned federal status back in February of 1964, nine years after President Lyndon B. Johnson suffered a heart attack while in office.

Since the proclamation was made more than half a century ago, hundreds of organizations and millions of Americans have teamed up to help individuals enjoy longer, healthier lives. In addition to spreading awareness, AAA partners with leading brands whose missions are to promote healthier and more active lifestyles. Whether you yourself are living with heart disease or are an advocate of someone who is, use your AAA membership to take advantage of discounts and rewards on your journey to better heart health.

Get Up and Move
Exercise is one of the easiest and best ways to prevent cardiovascular disease from sneaking up on you or, if you already live with it, to keep it from worsening. The American Heart Association recommends partaking in at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise five times a week to maintain optimal heart health. While this may seem daunting, you can break up activities into 10 to 15-minute intervals throughout the day. Leisurely activities such as walking, biking, swimming and jogging are all association-approved exercises.

Make sure you have the right footwear before you hit the pavement. When you shop through AAA, you can save up to 15% off items from Reebok Outlet Stores. Combine our exclusive deal with in-store promotions for even greater savings.  You can also get exclusive AAA savings on health and fitness accessories, like Smart Watches and Ear Buds from Samsung, to help keep you motivated and on track.

Take a Break
Stress can take a drastic adverse toll on your heart health. Everyday habits such as exercise, mindfulness and meditation can help reduce the impact of daily stressors, but when even those activities fail to reduce your anxiety, it may be time to schedule a much-needed vacay.

Many people view travel as a luxury but the truth is that it’s good for your mental and physical health. In fact, research shows that the most obvious health benefit of travel is its ability to relieve stress and boost mental health. If you’re still feeling guilty about ditching your responsibilities and jetting away, browse our travel deals for budget-friendly packages you can’t resist.

Smile More
A happy heart is a healthy heart, literally. A study from the University of Kansas found that individuals who smile more — genuine smiles — have better physical and heart health. Moreover, the mere act of smiling can help the heart bounce back quicker from episodes of stress, thereby reducing the risk that the adverse effects of stress will affect the heart.

Save Big
Financial strain has been linked to poor physical health and heart disease, both of which aggravate debt and poverty. At AAA, we strive to keep as much money in members’ pockets as we can, a mission we couldn’t accomplish without our partners. AAA members save up to 50% off prescription glasses at LensCrafters. Visit AAA.com to discover other leading retailers that work with us to bring members huge savings on everyday items and services that keep individuals happy, healthy and comfortable. If you’re a AAA member, visit us online to start shopping today. If you’re not yet a member, see why it’s worth it to join the family.