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Prepare for National Cleaning Week with Help from AAA

March 4th, 2021

National Cleaning Week begins on the fourth Sunday of March, just in time for the sun to shine its face and the temperatures to turn fair. In celebration of the change in conditions, people across the country engage in what you likely know as “Spring Cleaning.” Spring cleaning isn’t just a baseless tradition or an excuse for homeowners to tidy up. Rather, it’s a ritual associated with several surprising benefits, including decreased stress, improved mood, boosts in creativity, and overall better health.

Many people contain their spring cleaning efforts to just their homes. However, take this transitional period to organize all aspects of your life, from your living and workspaces to your time. Below are a few areas in which to get started.

Spring Clean Your Home
The first and most obvious place to begin your spring cleaning efforts is right in your own home. Put away all the winter stuff, from the big, fluffy blankets to the snowmen décor. Then, go from room to room removing clutter, tossing items you don’t use or need, wiping down surfaces, vacuuming floors, beating away dust bunnies, and if you so desire, designing a fresh new space.

As you clean, you may find you need storage. Shop at home good stores in Tanger Outlets.  Or if you have too much stuff and need extra storage, use your AAA discounts at SpareFoot Storage.

Tackle Your Car
If you’re one of the few people who still have a morning and evening commute, you likely spend a lot of time in your vehicle. Make that time as peaceful and stress-free as possible by deep cleaning it from the inside out. Also take this time to tackle any repair or maintenance tasks your car or truck might need, such as headlight replacement, fluid changes, tire rotation, smog check, and more. Go through a AAA Approved Auto Repair Facility to get discounts off select parts and labor or visit a NAPA AUTO PARTS Store for all things to DIY.

Let In the Elements
There’s nothing like throwing open the windows and letting the breeze float through your house after a long winter stuck indoors. To really revel in the changing of the seasons, though, place bouquets strategically throughout your home. Pick some up from your local farmers market or, if you’re feeling particularly grateful, order a bouquet or two from 1-800-Flowers where you can save on custom bouquets and arrangements.

Take Control of Your Time and Your Life
With Daylight Savings right around the corner, you can count on losing one hour of your day, but why risk more? During National Cleaning Week, go through your personal schedule and be honest with yourself about events and activities you have coming up. Are there some that are a major drain on your time and energy? If so, cancel them. Look for conflicts and ways to make better use of your time as well to achieve clarity in all areas of your life.  Get your health checks and vision screenings.  Make sure prescriptions are current.  Remember to use your AAA savings at GoodRx on new prescriptions and refills.  Get your updated eyewear at LensCrafters where you could save the cost of your membership in just one use.

Finally, celebrate National Cleaning Month by cleaning up your finances. Join the AAA family to access discounts on items and services you can use every day.